Auckland Weddings

Auckland is the most prominent location in New Zealand’s North Island. It is known for its harbours, the iconic Sky Tower and extinct underground volcanoes. With all its unique vistas and features, Auckland has a lot to offer for rural, urban, vineyards or beachside weddings.

While Auckland has some of the most well-known wedding venues, Hamilton Sound and Lighting has the best wedding arrangements to accompany these superb locations in the city. So all you have to do is to finalize a wedding venue in Auckland and leave the rest to Hamilton Sound and Lighting.



Local wedding DJs

One of our specialities at Hamilton Sound and Lighting is our top-quality DJs, who understand the local and international tastes in music. You can get a detailed portfolio of our DJs, their work and the music they play. Our wedding DJs keep on updating their music list with the latest and trending songs, as well as improving their special performances. 

Hamilton Sound and Lighting is your one-stop vendor for all your wedding sound and lighting equipment needs. Having thousands of happy customers on board with us, we have served Auckland and other cities in New Zealand’s North and South Island for years. We are also expanding our business and services to new locations, so stay tuned for that!


You can reach out to us today if you plan to host your big day in Auckland and are looking for a reliable arrangements partner. Our dedicated and professional wedding consultants would help you in the end-to-end process to make your big day the most memorable event ever.

 The Venues

Getting married is a special event for the wedding couple, family, friends and perhaps their children.  


Everyone has a dream setup in mind for their wedding or engagement day, and each event setup requires a different sound and lighting arrangement. Hamilton Sound and Lighting proudly offers the best wedding DJ hire, wedding lights hire and sound system rentals for weddings in Hamilton city, Cambridge, Waikato, and anywhere in between. 


It matters not to us who you are marrying or how you are marrying - we do not discriminate and we are prepared and happy to be part of your special wedding day from beginning to end.

We will assign you a dedicated Wedding Specialist to help you select the best entertainment package and to be there for anything else you need before, during and after the big event.


Whatever your wedding flair, we're here to make your special day one to remember.


​We stick with you throughout the process and always follow up to ensure your dream wedding was a roaring success.


No matter your location or venue, Vivid Collective has the equipment, expertise, and enthusiasm to bring your ideal wedding to life. We have the best sound and lighting shows for any stage of the event - from first dance to reception and beyond.

Can I make my own arrangement?

Yes, we absolutely see no limitations when someone is planning their wedding on their own. In fact, it’s only you who knows what should be done and how it should be done. You can take into account traditional norms and personal preferences for the arrangements while getting the equipment from us.

Our wedding arrangement planners are professionally trained staff with a lot of experience in handling weddings with various traditional values and venues. Based on their years of experience, they will give you an expert opinion. You can tell us whether you need intelligent lighting or not, whether you need one microphone or more, based on the coverage you need and the number of guests – and we will make all the arrangements for you. Hamilton Sound and Lighting will provide you with all that you need while exceeding your expectations.

Destination wedding

A lot of people travel across the country and world to plan their weddings in Auckland - but whether you’ve travelled far or live in the area, we have wedding packages that will blow your mind without blowing your budget. On top of these great wedding packages, you can have additional equipment on rent to build out your special day.