Bay of Plenty Equipment Hire

The Bay of Plenty holds great value when it comes to planning a wedding, hosting a corporate event or managing a jaw-dropping school ball. Hamilton Sound and Lighting can assist you with all kinds of events – big or small. 

When it comes to planning any sort of event, the equipment you use can make or break your experience. Depending on the venue, guest list and purpose of the event, the equipment you need can vary accordingly. If you need quality equipment for your event, then the first name that should come to your mind is Hamilton Sound and Lighting.

Whether it’s a wedding, school ball or a corporate event, Hamilton Sound and Lighting has a wide range of equipment that is available to rent for your events in any corner of the Bay of Plenty.

Range of equipment

While you can find a complete range of products on our website, here is the quick list of equipment that you can get from Hamilton Sound and Lighting for your important events:

-          DJ systems, sound systems, speakers with or without assistance from our AV staff.

-          A wide range of microphones, collar mics, wired mics, wireless mics, etc.

-          All kinds of lighting, LED, rotating, disco, intelligent lighting, etc.

-          A variety of screens, projectors, etc.

When you hire equipment from us, you can decide whether you want our professionally trained staff to deliver, unpack and set up the equipment for you, or if you want to pick the hired equipment from our premises, handle everything on your own and return after the event. In both cases, you have our full support to provide you the best quality equipment that will add a charm to your event.

Quality equipment

Most of our clients prefer our trained and professional staff to handle the equipment. We have all the equipment used and maintained well. Hamilton Sound and Lighting also strive to keep the best available products in the market. We’re always updating our inventory with the latest DJ gear, sound systems, lights, projectors and more. You will not find any rusty equipment in our available-for-hire range.

Why should you hire from us?

Because our happy customers are telling you to do so! People from the Bay of Plenty and other cities across New Zealand trust Hamilton Sound and Lighting for their important events. Our customers choose us repeatedly and have faith that we will make their day stand out and will keep up with the expectations of their guests.

But if you have any doubt in mind, you are always welcome to look into our work history and then make a decision that you will surely remember for a lifetime.

Not sure what you should hire?

Hamilton Sound and Lighting has a brief list of new and most hired equipment that our happy clients have requested many times. These are our hot selling items and our guests always expect this sort of equipment in their events. 

Let’s get in touch

If you still have any questions or would like to connect with our experts to help you finalize your list of equipment hire, reach us today via inquiry form, a call, an email or through our FB page. If by any chance you are around our offices, feel free to drop by and meet our experts in person.