DJ Equipment for hire - DJs, DJ Tables & Mixers.

Whether it's a digital mixer, audio players or DJ gear, we have the newest and best gear for you to take your next party, gig, festival or event to the next level and stand out from the crowd.

At Hamilton Sound and Lighting...

...we take pride in being a full-service event hire service. That means we’ve got everything you could need for your next event - whether that’s a festival, party, wedding or anything else. Our DJ gear is perfect for parties where you already have a DJ sussed, or for other professionals who need some gear for their next gig. Whatever you need, we have the best DJ gear for hire in Hamilton and across the country.

DJ gear for professionals

If you’re just getting started in the industry, hiring gear from our leading catalogue can let you access a top range of equipment without breaking the bank. Take the party world by storm; thanks to our winning DJ booths, mixers and so much more, you can kick-start a long and prosperous career and let nothing hold you back.

Combine DJ gear with one of our professional DJs

Pump up the sound on your next event with a professional DJ at the centre. Hire one of our renowned DJs to bring your party to life, and combine their skills with any of our additional DJ equipment to have guests raving and having the time of their lives.

Installing your DJ gear

Ask our expert team and we’ll be happy to check out your event arena prior to the night and help you install all the equipment you need. This includes safety information and training, along with set up and maintenance as necessary. 


Areas we service

Our DJ gear for hire is also an excellent choice for DJs playing out of town or who travel regularly, as our team is prepared to ship and install your equipment at any venue prior to the event. We partner with Toll Group carriers to give you a controlled and affordable experience. 

Hamilton Sound and Lighting is based in the Waikato area, but we also offer our services across the North Island and even as far as the Upper South Island. Contact us to discuss your options. There’s always something we can do to make your big event one to remember. 


Wondering where to start? We can help with that! Reach out to us, and we’ll appraise your venue, talk to you about your DJ goals and match you with the right machinery for your needs. Don’t miss out on the best party equipment for hire in New Zealand!