Gay/LGBT+ Weddings

Getting Married? Vivid Collective & Hamilton Sound and Lighting have all the entertainment needed for your special day. Celebrating any wedding the way it deserves to be celebrated.

Hire or book a DJ for your wedding ceremony and/or reception. Hiring a DJ near me or you and get the best wedding DJ's in Hamilton City Central, Hamilton West, Hamilton East, Hamilton North, Waikato, Rotorua, Tauranga, Auckland & throughout the North Island from Whangarei to Taupo.

Our DJs are professional wedding DJs with experience in all types of weddings, commitment ceremonies and all ways people wish to slow their love for each other in front of friends and family.

Vivid Collective is one of the few professional wedding companies where diversity is at the heart of much of what we do.  From our personal lived experiences and lives, we know what it is like to be treated differently, discriminated against and belittled by people willing to take your money at the same time.

You won't find that here.


Hire a DJ for your wedding. Hire sound systems, speakers and lighting equipment from a company that cares and will provide you the best fun entertaining night of your life. Share with your friends and family, or dance the night away together as a twosome. It's your choice and we'll be there from beginning to end.

Every love is unique, and every person deserves to marry the love of their life. Marrying someone of the same sex is something to be celebrated as much as any heterosexual romance. A lot of gay or LGBT+ marriages are happening freely across New Zealand, and Hamilton Sound and Lighting proudly supports these weddings across Auckland, Waikato, Tauranga, Cambridge, Hamilton City Central, Hamilton West, Hamilton East, Hamilton North, Waikato, Rotorua, Tauranga, & throughout the North Island from Whangarei to Taupo.


The legal support for LGBT+ weddings has helped a lot of people to declare their bond publicly, and have their favorite people join them in announcements and celebrations. Our team and wedding DJs hold the same belief that every couple deserves their big day to be remembered regardless of the sex or orientation of the couple.

Your Partnership, Your Way

 The Venues

Getting married is a unique and wonderful time - and you deserve the best.


Weddings come in all shapes and sizes - so we're here to cover all your needs: Church Weddings, Outdoor Weddings, Back Garden Weddings, Civil Ceremonies, Venue Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Seaside & Beach Weddings, Bush Weddings, LBGTQ+ Weddings, Civil Unions, Marae Weddings Mountain weddings, vow renewals, engagements. 


It matters not to us, who you are marrying or how you are marrying - we do not discriminate and we are prepared and happy to be part of your special wedding day from beginning to end.


We have dedicated Wedding Specialists assigned to you, to work through the process of selecting your entertainment package and to be on hand for anything else related that crops up before, during and after the wedding.


We've done them all, we're prepared and ready when you are. 


Our involvement does not stop when the pack down starts. We are there after to follow up and ensure you had the wedding that you dreamed of. 


Wherever you're thinking of getting married, Vivid Collective has the equipment, expertise, and enthusiasm to bring your wedding entertainment package to life with amazing sound and lighting shows, for the ceremony, reception, or however you want to do it.


Not looking for a DJ but wanting to upgrade your package? Select additional equipment including lapel mics & headsets, battery powered speakers & PA systems, Photo booth + much more. Ask us!

Speakers and Lighting Projection Screens, Projectors, Confetti Cannons, Biodegradable confetti, Fantastic Special Effects, Bubbles and Dry Ice machines, Haze and Smoke machines, Wireless to suit your requirements. Ask for details.

Our professional DJs are well-experienced in handling LGBT+ weddings. We will not be judgmental of any choice made by the couple. Combining our professionalism and beliefs, along with the trendy and modern sound system, lighting arrangements, and special equipment arrangement, we will have your LGBT+ wedding planned and covered anywhere you want in the North and South islands.

Friendly LGBT+ weddings in Hamilton City are signature events of Hamilton Sound and Lighting. We love talking to the couples about their preferences along each step of their wedding. If you hire a wedding DJ from Hamilton Sound and Lighting, they can help you to have every single track of the wedding speak to your unique relationship. Our DJs do not just play a regular song list at each wedding; we choose the song list based on the couple’s preferences and the mood of the audience. Of course, every DJ has a signature style but you will have an equal right to input your own likes/dislikes.

Our DJs will be backed up by professional wedding arrangements including heavy bass speakers, woofers, LED, moving head lighting arrangements, special equipment such as confetti cannons, dry ice and bubble ice machines, smoke machines, haze machines, projectors, screens, and whatnot. Just ask for it and have it included in your full wedding package. So, put your fears away on the most-awaited day of your life. Reach out to Hamilton Sound and Lighting today, and one of our wedding specialists will help you throughout your wedding planning and execution to ensure your day is planned the way you and your partner always wanted it.

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We're opening branches in Tauranga and Rotorua in 2020. We have local ties to both cities personally and hire locals.

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