Hire a Mic near you for your next meeting, wedding, engagement or school ball.

Hamilton Sound and Lighting have wireless microphones, corded mics, headsets with windsocks. Save carrying your mics around with a lapel microphone. A battery-operated speaker with two microphones is also available for outdoor events - or indoors!


One of the most pivotal pieces of equipment you need for any type of event - big or small, indoors and outdoors - is a microphone setup. Think about it: whether you’re hosting a major festival, a beautiful wedding or any kind of tournament or presentation, you’ll need a microphone to make sure your voice is heard. 


But that’s the easy part! Buying a microphone outright can be expensive, and it leaves you with technology that you may not need again for a while - or which might not fit your next venue. That’s why microphone hire is the best choice for your event. 


At Hamilton Sound and Lighting, we specialise in microphone event hire and PA system installation across Hamilton and surrounding areas. Here’s how hiring the right microphone from Hamilton Sound and Lighting can get your party popping.

Microphones for weddings, festivals and more


Outfit your hired band, emcee or DJ with a crisp and clear sound thanks to the PA systems from our catalogue. Don’t rely on the venue’s acoustics or cheap, malfunctioning equipment to carry your voice; instead, demand attention and let your vocals reach every pair of ears in the room. Our setups work perfectly for both indoor and outdoor events - meaning you can address even the largest of crowds with ease. 

Installing your microphone setup


We know that you want your event to be memorable, and to carry on without a hitch; so with the right installation you can be sure that your PA equipment is making the most of your venue and cut out the guesswork of doing it yourself. Our experts can appraise your space and work with you to set up as safely and efficiently as possible.


Areas we service


Don’t let the name fool you: the great services and equipment from Hamilton Sound and Lighting are available far and wide. Aside from the Waikato region, we’re happy to provide installation and setup throughout the North Island and even as far as the Upper South Island. If you’re further away, don’t let that stop you; we can still ship your equipment out to you at an affordable rate. 


Contact us any time to learn more about the microphones and paraphernalia we have on offer. If you don’t see a specific piece that you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to still give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss your options. We can often source equipment that’s not always in our catalogue, so don’t miss out!