With health and hygiene regulations still being enforced, it can be hard to keep a large space sanitised - especially for a lot of people. We're offering an affordable service to change that! Instead of wiping surfaces and cross-contaminating or missing spots, we use a diffuser to fill the venue with a sanitising mist and clean all areas. Simply leave our little machine to do its work, let the air clear for 10-15mins and you're good to go!


The FLD-05 disinfectant that we use is an effective antibacterial agent - giving you the ability to kill a variety of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and viruses, as well as inhibit oxidation and provide deodorisation. Working by denaturing the viruses proteins, the FLD-05 antiviral agent is incapable of binding to human cells but is extremely effective against both the influenza virus as well as general pneumonia.


Our machine does 18,000 cubic feet per minute for just $200 + GST. We may also offer package deals for multiple venues or rooms.


Want to buy the machine and liquid for yourself? Enquire any time.


How the machine works



Hurricane 1200 - Sanitising Mist Room Cleanser