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Situated in the North Island of New Zealand, Rotorua is famous for hot mud pools and is surrounded by the many beautiful lakes of the Bay of Plenty. Rotorua deserves to be the perfect tourist place to plan your wedding, engagement, corporate event and more. 

When it comes to planning an event, most people worry about the availability of resources without the hassle of going to too many people. That’s why Hamilton Sound and Lighting is your partner of choice when it comes to planning any event in Rotorua. With 8+ years of experience, the variety of services we are offering in Rotorua and beyond include: 

Packaged solutions

Be it your wedding, engagement, school ball, corporate event, or any other event planned in Rotorua, we have several predefined packages to handle venues as small as your backyard to as big as a festival with thousands of attendees.

We have ready-made packages available for:



No need to worry if your event doesn’t fit in a predefined solution or package! Our team of experts can work with you closely and get the best-customised plan chalked out for you to meet the requirements of your event.


DJ hire

Alternatively, if you do not need too many things and just need a great DJ, you can hire one of the best DJs in Rotorua in no time. We have a descriptive list of DJs along with their specialities, taste of music, events they can cover, and acts that they have played. 

If you have any questions in mind, you can always reach us to talk about it. In collaboration with you, we will select the most recommended DJ who best suits the needs of the event. 

Equipment rental

Hamilton Sound and Lighting has an inventory of state-of-the-art equipment of sound, intelligent lighting, trussing, microphones, and other equipment. You can avail it on rent, or as an add-on to your current wedding or school ball package.

Our equipment is used with the utmost care, kept with proper maintenance, and updated with the latest models on a frequent basis.

Corporate & Sport Events


Corporate and sporting events are different from weddings or festivals. We understand that, so we have you covered for any corporate event planned in Rotorua. Regardless of the venue or number of people attending, Hamilton Sound and Lighting can assist you in organising the best event ever.


Don’t hesitate if you’ve still got questions - pick up your phone and dial 027 244 7335 now to know more about our services in Rotorua and other cities we cover across New Zealand!