Bay of Plenty Weddings

The Bay of Plenty is a spectacular region in the North Island of New Zealand. It is known for several tourist attractions such as its water sports, beaches, coastline, history, and unique culture. Bay of Plenty definitely has plenty to offer when it comes to planning a wedding here.

There is a lot more to offer, but the Bay of Plenty holds great value as one of the finest wedding venues for not just Kiwis but also for international visitors.

If you are also looking for an ideal location and set of arrangements to plan your wedding in the Bay of Plenty, then Hamilton Sound and Lighting is your best adviser to help you in planning and executing a memorable wedding.


Why Hamilton Sound and Lighting? Why not my own arrangements?

There must be a reason you chose the Bay of Plenty as your wedding destination. Most likely, you wanted your better half to feel special and ensure nothing goes wrong in the entire wedding setup. Doing everything on your own may sound exciting, but missing one critical thing could ruin the entire experience.

So, why worry when you can access the best wedding DJ, equipment hire, screens or lighting provider in town? You can just make a wish list for your wedding day and let our wedding consultants do the magic by doing everything exactly the way you planned.

Hamilton Sound and Lighting has plenty of happy customers who bear testament to the quality work done under one banner, without the hassle of talking to 10 vendors at a time, getting quotes, performing background checks, etc.

Call us on 027 244 7335 and set up a meeting with one of the experienced wedding consultants at Hamilton Sound and Lighting. Consider the rest done!

 The Venues

Getting married is a special event for the wedding couple, family, friends and perhaps their children.  


Everyone has a dream setup in mind for their wedding or engagement day, and each event setup requires a different sound and lighting arrangement. Hamilton Sound and Lighting proudly offers the best wedding DJ hire, wedding lights hire and sound system rentals for weddings in Hamilton city, Cambridge, Waikato, and anywhere in between. 


It matters not to us who you are marrying or how you are marrying - we do not discriminate and we are prepared and happy to be part of your special wedding day from beginning to end.

We will assign you a dedicated Wedding Specialist to help you select the best entertainment package and to be there for anything else you need before, during and after the big event.


Whatever your wedding flair, we're here to make your special day one to remember.


​We stick with you throughout the process and always follow up to ensure your dream wedding was a roaring success.


No matter your location or venue, Vivid Collective has the equipment, expertise, and enthusiasm to bring your ideal wedding to life. We have the best sound and lighting shows for any stage of the event - from first dance to reception and beyond.

My wedding concept is unique...

Don’t worry if you don’t see a match with our predefined wedding packages. You and your partner are unique, like the gorgeous vistas across the Bay of Plenty. Be it a beach wedding, a garden wedding, a water sports wedding, a wedding on the high mountains - every venue is doable.

We have professionals who can organise the whole wedding setup with most trending and modern equipment, intelligent lighting - and, of course, the best local DJs who can keep your guests on their feet during the whole event.

All you have to do is to contact us; our team of professionals will have everything available and set up according to your wish list at your dream venue in the Bay of Plenty. We will also pack and unpack the whole wedding without having you to deal with local regulations - just in case you’re in New Zealand only for your destination wedding.