Special Effect Machines (SFX) for hire

The best SFX machine hire in Hamilton or across NZ. With each season comes exciting new holidays, and great opportunities to party. Call us or make an online booking to hire special effects equipment for all kinds of occasions.

Spring, Autumn and Winter have their important moments - but Summer is the king of the party seasons; it brings with it Guy Fawkes, Labour Weekend, Halloween, New Years and the prime time for weddings - so if you’re looking for special effects machines to bring out the best of the year all year long, get in touch with Hamilton Sound and Lighting.

Hamilton Sound and Lighting is the premiere SFX equipment hire company in New Zealand. We provide everything from beer pong tables to lasers, smoke machines, confetti and everything in between. And, if you don’t see the machine you want, just contact our team and we’ll be able to source what you need.

Combining machines

When it comes to creating memorable effects for your next event, the only limit is your imagination. Pick and choose from our catalogue of machines to start off, and combine one effect with another to build an even bigger, brighter burst of colour and sound


For example, imagine using a confetti machine and adding lasers to fill your venue with flashes of light that bounce off each piece of confetti? Engineer stunning displays like this and more with our great selection.

Installing your SFX machines

Most of our special effects machines will work perfectly both indoors and outdoors, meaning you can cater your equipment to work for your needs. Tap into the full experience of the friendly Hamilton Sound and Lighting crew to bring your vision together; we can help you select your equipment, provide full safety training and even help you set up if you’re located around the Waikato area or around Auckland, Bay of Plenty and the Lower North or Upper South islands.

We can also appraise your location and talk about any restrictions we see and how we may need to work around them. Some locations have strict fire safety rules, while others may not allow certain installations for a variety of reasons. Talk to us from day one and we’ll help you keep your event running along as planned.


Areas we service


Take your wedding, festival, holiday celebration or party to a whole new level with special effects machines event hire from Hamilton Sound and Lighting. Our team is headlined in Waikato, but we also provide installation services across the North Island and as far as the Upper South Island. We’re even glad to ship out your SFX equipment thanks to our partnership with Toll. 


Special effects machines can make any event stand out. That’s why it’s important to make the most of them. We’re here to advise you on the right equipment for your event needs. Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to give you a full consultation to ensure your party shines.