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Tauranga is one of the North Island’s favourite spots for so many reasons. When the variety of available venues is coupled with the professional sound and lighting services by Hamilton Sound and Lighting, every event becomes a masterpiece.

Whatever the event, wherever you are in Tauranga or its surrounding regions, Hamilton Sound and Lighting can provide a wide range of services fit for you. Services may include:

Wedding and Engagements

Any wedding or engagement planned in Tauranga deserves the best DJ, lighting, special equipment and unique wedding experience in town - for not only the couple but the guests as well. Hamilton Sound and Lighting can cover any wedding or engagement, regardless of the budget, origin of the couple, or the number of guests.  

Our professional wedding consultants become part of your wedding planning from the day you choose Hamilton Sound and Lighting. We are true believers of equality of all sects, origins, and orientations.


You will find our team professional, flexible and friendly to plan your wedding or engagement - be it an Indian wedding, traditional wedding, LGBTQ wedding or anything else. Our focus and priority are to convert your big day into the most memorable experience of your life.


School balls

Any school in Tauranga would expect to plan the best ever school ball with a unique flavour of music and lighting for the young and energetic students. Hamilton Sound and Lighting’s services in Tauranga are known for creating the best school ball memories.

Our experienced DJs can have the audiences on their feet all night and are quite famous for their updated music playlists, interactive nature, and ability to gel with any age, gender, or taste in their music.

Corporate events

Corporate events may not require a DJ, but all other services such as screens, projectors, mics, and more are provided by Hamilton Sound and Lighting all over Tauranga and cities nearby.

Gay/LGBTQ weddings

Everyone has the right to choose a partner they love; a partner they dream to spend their whole life with. With an open heart, we welcome gay & LGBT+ couples as well. We don’t treat you differently - rather, we feel pride in helping you feel special, to make your wedding the everlasting memory of your life.

Packaged services

Hamilton Sound and Lighting has predefined packages for weddings, school balls and other services - but if you don’t see these packages fulfilling your special needs, then you are always welcome to have a unique plan for your event in Tauranga. 

Equipment for hire

If you’re just looking for equipment hire in Tauranga, Hamilton Sound and Lighting is the place that you should look for. We have a wide range of sound, lighting and special equipment that you can hire or as a part of your event package. We strive to meet your expectations by providing state-of-the-art and trending equipment for hire in Tauranga and other cities in the North Island.