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NZ Trussing hire and Trussing for events and parties. Book a Trussing rig for your next big moment. Get in touch with our team now. Shipping New Zealand-wide, so don’t miss out!


Need to get those party speakers hoisted or lighting rigged up? How about a truss to hold up a theatre-sized screen and wow the crowds? Hamilton Sound and Lighting rent out all kinds of certified trussing rigs. Our team is jam-packed with qualified staff to make your stage set up come to life.

Not sure what would be best? Ask us and we’ll be happy to advise. Already have an idea? We can make it happen. Nothing is too difficult or too simple for us! 

Harness the power of certified trussing – along with our team of expert professionals – to install and manage all sizes and complexities of stage design. We guarantee complete safety and a finish that transforms your space in exciting and memorable ways. We also have draping, stairs and handrails available!

With the crew at Hamilton Sound and Lighting by your side, you know your event is in excellent hands.

What is trussing? 

Trussing is an indispensable tool for any type of event. Particularly useful for stage setups, good trussing creates a sturdy frame to support your lighting installations or complicated electrical wirings. On the simpler side of things, trussing can act as a structure to hold up banners and large, heavy decorations. Think about walking into your venue and being hit with a statement piece like that. It’s sure to make your next event into one for the ages. 

Trussing + lighting = WOW

Combine our trussing services with lighting hire from our wide range of products to create winning displays for large-scale events. Hire lighting rigs for parties, festivals, school balls and weddings (or anything in between), and use trussing as a framework to build a beautiful light show that guests will remember for years to come. 


Trussing available for hire

Hamilton Sound and Lighting has 90" truss corners, 3-way truss corners, T section truss, a range of trussing clamps and trussing safety chains available. We can also customise and create trussing designs to suit whatever needs you may have. Special deals are available on large orders. Take a look at our full catalogue below and click on any image to gain more detail on that product. 


Areas we service

We offer our full-service trussing installation across Waikato, Auckland, Bay of Plenty and the Lower North or Upper South islands. However, if you’re a little further out of the way, there may still be something we can do for you. Reach out to our friendly team any time and we’ll be happy to talk about your options.  


Are you ready to create displays that make a lasting impact and turn your party into a roaring success? Get in touch to ask about New Zealand trussing hire and trussing set up services from Hamilton Sound and Lighting today.